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Oysters have been a choice food for special occasions and a delicacy for royalty for thousands of years - as well as a staple for those lucky enough to live in a region where they naturally flourish!


Sydney rock oysters are bivalve molluscs which start life as veliger larvae. Forming just hours after fertilisation of the eggs,  the veliger are microscopic, free-swimming and look for a place to settle. By two or three weeks they attach themselves to a hard surface and are now called 'spat'.  They slowly develop their characteristic hard shells, and over a period of 3+ years are cultivated into a full size fine eating oyster.

The Sydney rock oyster is loved for its unique flavour and long shelf life and the clean waters of Merimbula Lake, where farmers are able to direct harvest their oysters, provides optimal conditions for raising a world class oyster.

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Merimbula Lake Oysters
Merimbula Lake Oysters
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